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Shieldex Keyless Go protection

Key Pouch - keyless go protection

Key Pouch - keyless go protection

The Shieldex® Key Pouch is the leading Keyless Go protective case and offers the best Keyless Go protection for your car key. Unfortunately, modern Keyless Go technology, which makes it easier to lock and unlock vehicles, also poses a high risk of theft. The remote key constantly communicates with the car, even when stored safely indoors. This signal can be intercepted by thieves, allowing the vehicle to be stolen. In order to shield your key and ensure effective keyless go protection for car keys, we have developed the Shieldex® Key Pouch. This car key bag reliably shields radio signals and therefore offers reliable protection against keyless go theft. Trust the Shieldex® Key Pouch, the ultimate car key protective case, to increase the security of your vehicle.


  • Keyless Go protection for car keys: Prevents unwanted reading of the key signal.
  • Effective remote key shielding: Blocks all wireless RF signals and protects against theft.
  • Practical & Compact: Fits in any pocket and offers protection on the go.
  • High-quality workmanship: Durable and robust, specially designed to protect car keys.
  • Security at home and on the go: Protects the key even when it is stored in the house.
  • Easy to use: Just put your keys in your pocket and feel safe.


When closed, the bag has an external dimension of 9 cm x 11.5 cm

Shielding performance

Average up to 60 dB in the frequency range up to 5 GHz

Areas of application

  • Car: Protection against Keyless Go thefts by shielding the remote control key.
  • At home: Security for car keys stored in the house, prevents unwanted reading.
  • On the go: Protection in public transport, parking garages or while shopping.
  • Travel: Security for car keys in hotels, holiday apartments or at the airport.
  • Workplace: Protecting the key in offices, workshops or other work environments.
  • Sports & Leisure: Shielding the radio key in sports halls, fitness studios or when hiking.

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  • Effectiveness and function

    The Shieldex® Key Pouches reliably block all wireless RF signals, such as RFID, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, cell phone and car key signals, to prevent car theft. The bags are suitable for most common keyless go and keyless entry systems and are made from durable materials that are entirely made in Germany. The Shieldex® Key Pouch has a practical size and is certified according to the IEEE 299/2006 standard.

  • Application

    Thanks to the Shieldex® Key Pouch, the leading Keyless Go protective case, Keyless Go protection for car keys is guaranteed. As soon as the radio key is safely stored in this special car key bag, all radio wave signals are reliably shielded. This prevents any communication between the key and the vehicle. This means that no radio signals can be intercepted or extended to open the vehicle, thus offering optimal Keyless Go protection

Autoschlüssel Tasche von Shieldex® - Zuverlässiges Funkschlüssel Abschirmen gegen Diebstahl.


Keyless Go protection

How can I protect Keyless-Go?

To ensure effective Keyless Go protection, you should invest in a special Keyless Go protective cover or car key bag. These bags are designed to shield radio signals and therefore offer reliable protection for your car keys. The Shieldex® Key Pouch is a popular product in this category and offers outstanding Keyless Go protection for car keys.

Can you switch off keyless go?

Yes, many modern vehicles offer the option to deactivate the Keyless Go function. However, this may vary depending on the vehicle model. If you don't use the feature regularly, turning it off can be an additional security measure. However, it is advisable to store the remote key in a car key bag to shield the remote key and provide additional Keyless Go protection.

How far away does the Keyless-Go key have to be?

The distance at which the Keyless-Go key communicates with the vehicle can vary, but is usually a few meters. To ensure that no unwanted signals are intercepted, you should store the key in a special car key case that shields the radio signals.

How are cars with keyless go stolen?

Thieves use special devices to intercept and amplify the signal from the Keyless-Go key. This allows them to unlock and start the vehicle as if they had the real key. To prevent such thefts, it is important to shield the remote control key. An effective method is to use a Keyless Go case or car key case specifically designed to block radio signals.