The Basics of Shielding: A Comprehensive Guide

In today's digital world, shielding from electromagnetic fields (EMF) has become essential. From IT forensics to medical technology, shielding plays a critical role in ensuring the proper function of our devices and the security of our data. In this blog post we will explain the basics of shielding and how companies like Shieldex are helping to address the challenges of EMF shielding.

What is shielding?

Shielding is the process by which a material is used to block or reduce the propagation of electromagnetic fields or radiation. There are different types of shielding, including electromagnetic shielding, which is used to protect electronic devices from electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Why is shielding important?

Electromagnetic fields can affect the performance of electronic devices and even lead to data loss. Shielding can minimize these interferences and improve device performance and reliability. In addition, shielding is also important to ensure the security and privacy of data by preventing electromagnetic signals from being intercepted.

Types of shielding

There are different types of shielding that can be used depending on the application and requirements. This includes:

Electromagnetic shielding

Electromagnetic shielding is the most common type of shielding and is used to protect electronic devices from EMI. It can be made of various materials, including metal foils, metallized textiles, metal meshes or special shielding varnishes.

Radio frequency shielding

Radio frequency shielding is used to protect devices from interference from radio frequency signals. It is particularly important in areas such as telecommunications and broadcasting, where avoiding interference is crucial.

Shielding of cables

Cable shielding is a special type of shielding used to protect data and power cables from EMI. It can help improve signal quality and prevent data loss.

How Shieldex helps solve shielding problems

Shieldex is a leading provider of shielding solutions and has developed a range of products specifically designed to address the challenges of EMF shielding. These include shielding tents, shielding curtains and shielding bags, all of which are based on the Faraday cage principle and provide effective shielding against EMI.

Shieldex Shielded Enclosure

Shieldex Shielding Enclosure are mobile solutions that offer effective protection against EMI. They are lightweight and portable and can be set up and taken down quickly and easily. These tents can be used for a variety of applications including mobile measurement laboratories and precompliance testing.

Shieldex Shielded Curtains

Shieldex Shielded Curtains are a flexible and cost-effective solution for shielding work areas and equipment. They can be easily installed and reconfigured as needed, making them an ideal solution for dynamic work environments.

Shieldex Shielded Bags

Shieldex Shielded Bag provide portable protection for mobile devices and data. They are lightweight and compact and can be used to protect devices from EMI or to transport sensitive data securely.


Shielding is a crucial aspect of modern technology that helps improve the performance and reliability of our devices and ensure the security of our data. By using shielding solutions like those from Shieldex, companies and individuals can effectively address the challenges of EMF shielding and achieve their goals.

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