IT forensics: How you can uncover security gaps and protect data

In a world where digital data is the gold of modern times, IT forensics has become a crucial factor for data security and data protection. It provides a bridge between technology and law, helping companies understand and respond to security incidents. But what exactly is IT forensics and how does it work? In this article we will delve into the depths of IT forensics and introduce Shieldex's groundbreaking solutions for shielding data.

IT Forensics: The science of digital investigations

IT forensics is a discipline that deals with the examination and analysis of digital data in order to preserve evidence for legal proceedings or to investigate security incidents. It uses special techniques and tools to collect and analyze data that can be helpful in the event of security incidents such as cyber attacks or data leaks.

Why is IT forensics important?

In today's digital world, any incident where data is compromised can have serious consequences. Whether it's identity theft, financial fraud or industrial espionage, the consequences can be devastating for individuals and businesses alike. IT forensics helps to clarify such incidents and hold those responsible accountable.

The Forensics Box from Shieldex: Flexible and mobile protection

One of the groundbreaking solutions in the world of IT forensics is the Shieldex Forensics Box. This offers the possibility of examining devices quickly, flexibly and mobile, without external access.

How does the Shieldex forensic box work?

The Shieldex Forensics Box is designed to provide a safe environment for examining devices. It shields the devices from wireless signals and thus prevents external data loss or manipulation from occurring during the examination.

Shieldex shielding bags: Permanent protection

Another innovative product from Shieldex are the shielding bags. They offer permanent protection against external access and are therefore an indispensable tool in IT forensics.

Why are shielding bags important for IT forensics?

Shielding bags play a crucial role in IT forensics as they ensure the protection of the devices being examined. They prevent access from outside during the investigation and thus protect the integrity of the data.

The EMC enclosure from Shieldex: Protect entire rooms

For more comprehensive protection, Shieldex offers the EMC enclosure. This innovative product can protect entire rooms from outside access and is therefore ideal for data security in the evidence chamber.

How does the Shieldex EMC enclosure work?

The Shieldex EMC Enclosure uses advanced materials and technologies to effectively shield rooms from wireless signals. It ensures that all devices and data inside are protected from outside access.


IT forensics is a crucial aspect of digital security in today's connected world. By using specialized tools and technologies such as those from Shieldex, IT forensics experts can carry out the necessary investigations to investigate security incidents and protect data from outside access. It is an exciting field that constantly offers new challenges and opportunities. With the right tools and knowledge, we can move safely in the digital world.

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