Aerospace Shielding: An Invisible But Essential Protection

The aerospace industry is an area where precision and safety are of utmost importance. Every aircraft, satellite and space probe is equipped with a variety of electronic systems that are essential to their operation. However, before these systems are put into use, they are subjected to extensive EMC tests. This is a crucial step to ensure that they do not cause electromagnetic field problems later in operation.

Aufblasbares EMV Zelt / Enclosure für die Luftfhartindustrie

EMC shielding tents from Shieldex: ensuring electromagnetic compatibility in the aerospace industry.

The aerospace industry places high demands on the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of its electronic components and systems. These must be able to function reliably in environments with strong electromagnetic fields. At Shieldex we understand the importance of these requirements and offer dedicated EMC test tents large enough to accommodate even aircraft.