RF Shielding & EMC Shielding: Electromagnetic shielding

Discover our diverse product selection in the area of ​​RF and EMC shielding . With our specialized knowledge in the area of ​​electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), we offer you products that help you meet EMC standards. Our product range includes everything from mobile EMC test laboratories to shielding bags, including to custom-made solutions that are perfectly tailored to your requirements. Benefit from our expertise in electromagnetic shielding and ensure optimal electromagnetic compatibility for your projects.

  • EMC Enclosure zur Abschirmung von elektromagnetischen Feldern

    EMI/RF/EMC Shielded Enclosure - Standard

    Our mobile EMC laboratory offers flexibility and mobility to ensure a safe and shielded working environment everywhere.

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  • Faradayscher Käfig aus Abschirmmaterial

    EMI/RF/EMC Shielded Enclosure - Customized

    Whether large or small, we can configure the right RF EMC Shielded Enclosure for you.

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  • EMC/RF/EMI Testing Table Top - Elektromagnetische Abschirmung von Räumen

    EMC/RF/EMI Testing Table Top

    Our small table enclosure are suitable for precision measurement of small ETUs.

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  • RF Shielding Enclosure

    Faraday Forensic Box

    The Shieldex® Forensics Box is a mobile, lightweight and flexible solution for immediate use at the crime scene.

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  • EMC Shielded Cabinet

    EMC Cabinet

    Find out more about our innovative EMI solution for modern spectrum analyzers.

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  • Shieldex Abschirmtaschen für Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone

    Faraday Pouch

    Protect your devices with the Shieldex® Faraday Bag: Block cell phone radiation and secure data. Indispensable for IT forensics and radiation protection.

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  • Keyless Go Schutz Tasche

    Shieldex® Key Pouch: Ultimate Keyless Go protection

    Pocket-sized key protection - The Shieldex® Key Pouch offers outstanding keyless go protection for car keys and ensures that your remote control key is reliably shielded.

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  • Shieldex Abschirmvorhang zur Abschirmung von Lagerhallen in grau mit Ösen

    EMI/RF/EMC Shielded Curtains

    The Shieldex® shielding curtains enable mobile separation of the storage areas in modern large warehouses.

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We are proud to offer premium products that provide reliable shielding against electromagnetic interference, ensuring the proper functioning of electronic devices and systems. Our experienced team works closely with our customers to develop tailored solutions to meet their individual requirements. Discover our EMC shielding products and let us find a solution for your specific requirements together.