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Material specifications

Two-layer combination of Shieldex materials

Berlin RS, Nora Dell CR = silver, copper, nickel

The Shieldex® EMC Enclosure is made from a high-quality two-layer material combination that ensures excellent shielding from electromagnetic waves. The materials Shieldex® Berlin RS and Shieldex® Nora Dell CR are perfectly coordinated and offer an excellent barrier against electromagnetic radiation.

The combination of metals used in these materials consists of silver, copper and nickel, providing effective shielding against electromagnetic interference.

By combining materials refined with different metals, the Shieldex® EMC Enclosure is able to achieve high shielding performance while being durable and robust. Our experts are available to help you select the right materials and configurations for your specific needs.

Three-layer combination of Shieldex materials

Our Shieldex® EMC Enclosure offer a three-layer material combination of Shieldex® Berlin RS, Shieldex® Nora Dell CR and Shieldex® Zell . These materials combine to provide excellent electromagnetic shielding.

In addition to the silver, copper and nickel metal combination, tin is used to ensure optimal shielding. The combination of materials and metals ensures high durability and reliable shielding from electromagnetic fields in any environment. We would be happy to advise you on the various material and metal combinations and create a tailor-made offer that is perfectly tailored to your individual requirements.

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