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The long-standing partnership between V Technical Textiles Inc. and Shieldex exists since 1978 and is extremely successful. Both companies bring different strengths to offer customized electromagnetic shielding solutions. V Technical Textiles Inc. is a leading provider of technical textile solutions for various industries. Shieldex focuses on conductive textiles and materials optimized for electromagnetic shielding. Through their collaboration, they offer tailor-made solutions, develop innovative products and meet the highest quality standards.

Robert Erichsen - CEO Shieldex

Discover the difference with Shieldex. Our commitment to quality service sets us apart from the competition. We take the time to listen to you and advise you in order to understand your unique challenges and develop an individual solution together.

Our know-how lies in our own Shieldex material, which we have manufactured and developed over 45 years of experience. When you choose Shieldex, you are not just buying a Faraday cage, but a long-term partner who will be by your side every step of the way. Experience the best in EMC shielding tents with Shieldex.

Shawn DeCook - COO V Technical Textiles

V Technical Textiles, Inc. (VTT) is a conductive textile company that provides custom RF shielding solutions, including portable RF shielding enclosures, curtains and bags. We serve a diverse customer base including the aerospace, automotive, military and defense industries.

Our vision and expertise is to work closely with our customers to develop customized solutions from concept to prototype to fully manufactured product, leveraging world-leading development in conductive textile coating technology.

Shieldex Partner

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As a global company, we have a large network of partners around the world. No matter where you are, you can be sure that there is always a partner nearby to support you with our products and services.

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