EMC shielding: The invisible barrier with Shieldex technology

In our modern world, where electronics play a role in virtually every aspect of our lives, electromagnetic fields are omnipresent. Although we cannot see them, they affect the performance of our electronic devices. This is where EMC shielding comes in, an area in which Shieldex is considered a pioneer. But what is EMC shielding and how do Shieldex products contribute to effective shielding?

EMC shielding: An invisible protective shield

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) refers to the ability of electrical and electronic systems or devices to operate satisfactorily in their electromagnetic environment without causing unacceptable electromagnetic interference. EMC shielding, the protective shield against these interferences, is the focus of our article today.

What makes EMC shielding necessary?

  1. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): Electronic devices send and receive electromagnetic waves. However, these waves can disrupt the functioning of other nearby devices.
  2. Electromagnetic Fields (EMF): EMFs are generated by natural and man-made sources and can affect electronic devices.
  3. RF/EMC Interference: Radio frequency and electromagnetic interference can affect the performance and reliability of electronic devices.

Shieldex and EMC shielding

Shieldex is an innovative manufacturer that specializes in the production of metallized textiles that enable effective EMC shielding. But how exactly do Shieldex products support this area?

EMC shielding through metallized textiles

Shieldex produces textiles that are coated with metal. These metallized textiles have the unique ability to shield electromagnetic waves and thereby improve the electromagnetic compatibility of devices.

The diverse applications of Shieldex products

  1. Faraday Pouch : These are special bags that protect devices from electromagnetic interference. They are particularly useful for IT forensics and securing forensic evidence.
  2. Faraday Forensic Box: These boxes serve as mobile shielding laboratories that provide a safe environment for examining devices.
  3. EMI/RF/EMC Shielding Enclosure: These shielding tents serve as mobile measurement laboratories and are based on the principle of the Faraday cage.

Advantages of Shieldex EMC shielding

Shieldex products offer a number of benefits that make them a preferred choice for EMC shielding.

Flexibility and portability

Shieldex products, especially the shielding tents, are portable due to their lightweight and flexible materials and can be set up and dismantled quickly.

Efficient in-house tests

With Shieldex shielding tents, expensive precompliance tests can be carried out in-house. This helps identify and correct errors early, saving both time and money.


Shieldex products are adaptable and can be implemented from table to hall size to meet different requirements. Whether you need to shield a small work area or a large hall, Shieldex has the right solution for you.

Efficient room security

Shieldex electromagnetic shielding fabrics are designed to efficiently secure a room. They provide reliable shielding without the need for complex installations.

Conclusion: EMC shielding with Shieldex

EMC shielding is an important aspect in our increasingly networked and electronicized world. Whether in industry, in the private sector or in the area of ​​IT forensics - effective shielding from electromagnetic fields is crucial for the smooth and trouble-free functioning of devices.

Shieldex has developed innovative and effective solutions in this area. Their metallized textiles and wide range of products provide effective EMC shielding that is easy to install and use. With the ability to adjust the size of the shield to individual needs, Shieldex offers a versatile solution for various applications.

Overall, Shieldex's products provide an invisible barrier against electromagnetic interference, ensuring improved performance and reliability of electronic devices.

The article is now over. We hope you have gained a deeper insight into EMC shielding and Shieldex's role in this area. Stay protected and trouble-free with Shieldex!

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