Military and Defense: Shielding Solutions in the Age of Cyber ​​Attacks and Hybrid Threats

Shieldex offers a range of shielding solutions specifically designed for military applications. These solutions protect communications and reduce visibility to enemy sensors, which is critical for military operations.

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Shielding in the Military: A Necessity

In today's digital world, military operations rely heavily on technology and communications. The ability to communicate and transmit information securely is critical. Electromagnetic interference can disrupt these communications and reduce the effectiveness of military operations. Therefore, shielding communication systems and sensitive devices from electromagnetic interference is crucial.

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Shieldex shielding bags

The Shieldex shielding bags are an effective solution for shielding small electronic devices. They offer professional protection against data misuse and data backup in the field of mobile forensics with a shielding performance of 80 dB in the frequency range 0.9 to 3.8 GHz. The shielding bags are available in different sizes and designs for laptops, tablets and cell phones and are made of a tightly woven polyamide, while the inside is made of two different metallized Shieldex fabrics.

State-of-the-art infrared shielding: a decisive advantage

Another crucial aspect that makes Shieldex an indispensable partner in military defense is its ability to shield infrared rays. Infrared radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation used in many military applications, particularly surveillance and reconnaissance. Enemy forces can use infrared sensors to detect heat sources, allowing them to track vehicles, aircraft and even individual soldiers.

Shieldex products can effectively shield this infrared radiation, significantly reducing visibility to enemy sensors. This can provide a decisive advantage by significantly limiting the enemy's ability to gather accurate information about the position and movements of one's own troops. In addition, shielding infrared radiation can also help reduce the effectiveness of thermal imaging cameras and other infrared detection systems, further increasing the safety and effectiveness of military operations.