EMC laboratory: A portable and cost-effective alternative thanks to Shieldex

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is crucial in our increasingly digital and connected world. An EMC laboratory plays an important role in this. But what if there was a portable and cost-effective alternative to a traditional EMC laboratory? In this article we take a look at the function of an EMC laboratory and how the Shieldex EMC shielding tents offer a flexible and cost-effective solution.

What is an EMC laboratory?

The function of an EMC laboratory

An EMC laboratory is a specialized environment used to test the electromagnetic compatibility of devices. Here, products are tested for their ability to function satisfactorily in their electromagnetic environment without generating unacceptable electromagnetic interference.

Why is an EMC laboratory important?

Ensuring product safety and reliability

EMC testing is necessary to ensure that electronic devices operate safely and reliably. An EMC laboratory enables these tests to be carried out under controlled conditions.

The challenges of a conventional EMC laboratory

Costs and infrastructure

Despite its importance, a traditional EMC laboratory can pose significant costs and logistical challenges. The necessary infrastructure is often expensive and requires specialized personnel to carry out and evaluate the tests.

Shieldex EMC shielding tents - A mobile EMC laboratory

What are Shieldex EMC shielding tents?

Shieldex has developed an innovative solution to these challenges: EMC Enclosure They serve as a portable EMC laboratory that uses the Faraday cage principle to create a controlled environment for EMC testing.

The advantages of the Shieldex EMC Enclosure

Shieldex EMC Enclosure offer numerous advantages. They are portable, flexible in size, and provide a cost-effective way to perform EMC testing.


An EMC laboratory is an indispensable part of product development and certification. With the Shieldex RF Shielded Enclosure, companies receive a deployable and cost-effective alternative to the traditional EMC laboratory. In doing so, they help ensure that products function safely and reliably and help companies avoid compliance problems. With Shieldex, the EMC laboratory becomes portable, flexible and cost-efficient.


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