EMC Testing: A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Testing

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is an important aspect of product development and certification. It ensures that a device functions properly in its electromagnetic environment and does not emit harmful emissions that could affect other devices. An important component of electromagnetic compatibility is EMC testing. In this article we will look at the importance of EMC testing, how it is carried out and what role Shieldex's innovative EMC enclosure play in it.

What is an EMC test?

EMC testing is a process used to check the electromagnetic compatibility of a device. The testing ensures that the device complies with relevant EMC standards and functions properly in its intended environment without emitting disruptive electromagnetic emissions.

Why is EMC testing important?

A successful EMC test is important for several reasons:

  1. Compliance : Compliance with EMC standards is required by law in many countries. A product cannot be brought onto the market without a successful EMC test.
  2. Functionality : An EMC test ensures that a product functions properly in its intended electromagnetic environment.
  3. Safety : EMC testing helps identify and prevent potential safety risks.

How is an EMC test carried out?

An EMC test includes various tests to check both a device's emissions and its immunity to electromagnetic interference.

Emissions testing

Emissions testing measures the electromagnetic interference emitted by a device. These tests can target both conducted and radiated emissions.

Carrying out EMC tests

EMC testing requires specialized equipment and environments. The tests are usually carried out in specially designed laboratories to minimize the influence of external electromagnetic fields. The testing process itself is controlled by precise test protocols to ensure that all measurements are consistent and traceable.

Shieldex EMC Enclosure for mobile and cost-effective EMC Testing

Despite the need for purpose-built test environments, Shieldex has developed a solution that enables companies to carry out EMC testing efficiently and cost-effectively - the Shieldex EMC Enclosure.

What are Shieldex EMC Enclosure?

Shieldex EMC Enclosure offer a number of benefits:

  1. Mobility : They are lightweight and portable so they can be set up and taken down quickly. This means that EMC tests can be carried out almost anywhere.
  2. Flexibility : The tents can be implemented from table to hall size, making them suitable for a variety of applications.
  3. Cost effectiveness : Shieldex EMC Enclosure offer a cost-effective alternative to permanently installed EMC testing facilities. They enable “in-house” precompliance tests, which means that errors can be identified and corrected at an early stage.


EMC testing is an essential part of product development and certification. With Shieldex EMC Enclosure, companies can carry out these tests efficiently and cost-effectively, ensuring the quality of their products and avoiding potential compliance issues. With its innovative solutions, Shieldex helps to overcome the challenges of EMC testing and make the world of electronics safer and more reliable.

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