Possible customization of components


Halo Frame

We also offer the Halo Frame as a frame option for our Shieldex® EMC Enclosure. This frame can be hung from the ceiling on hanging points, but requires adequate architectural support as well as rigging personnel and engineering for installation. The advantage of the Halo Frame is that it does not require vertical supports and the entire system can be lifted and hung. This option is ideal for applications where free space is required. Please note that the Halo Frame is not suitable for all applications and requires appropriate planning and preparation.

Aluminum frame from BOSCH®

The frame of a Shieldex® EMC Enclosure is an important factor that helps ensure the tent is stable and durable. We rely on a high-quality BOSCH® frame made of aluminum , which was specially developed for use in clean rooms. This frame offers high stability yet is light enough to be easily transported and set up.

Another advantage of the BOSCH® frame is its easy configuration and quick assembly. This allows us to customize the tent according to our customers' specific requirements.

Another advantage of the BOSCH® frame is its easy storage. Due to the light weight of the frame and the ability to dismantle it into its individual parts to save space, it can be easily stored and reassembled at a later date. This not only saves space, but also ensures quick delivery and installation even when storage options are limited.

Inflatable | Inflatable frames

The latest innovation in frame systems is the inflatable frame from Michelin . This frame is a groundbreaking development that allows for quick and easy installation while being four times lighter than traditional aluminum frames. Compared to other inflatable frames on the market , Michelin frames are equipped with certified flame retardant treatment and are four times lighter than PVC products. Additionally, constant air supply is not required and they remain stable for weeks after inflation.

We now offer standard modules as well as bespoke inflatable frame solutions that can be configured for both indoor and outdoor use and are weatherproof. We are sure you will be amazed by the quality and performance of this new frame option.

Rollable | Roller frame

Another frame that we offer for our Shieldex® EMC Enclosure is the roll frame. This frame is mounted on wheels and can therefore be moved easily and conveniently. However, please note that this frame is not suitable for every tent and there are certain requirements that must be met.

However, if you need a tent that you will need to use in different locations on a regular basis, the roll frame is a great option. Our experts will be happy to advise you and help you choose the right frame for your specific requirements.