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Electromagnetic shielding

Metallization at the highest level

Shieldex is the leading manufacturer of EMC solutions and premium shielding products. We have specialized in the development and sale of innovative and high-quality products in the field of electromagnetic compatibility. Our team consists of experienced professionals who develop the best solutions for our customers. We attach great importance to quality “Made in Germany” and the reliability of our products. In addition, we ensure continuous technical support to ensure that our customers are always provided with optimal solutions.

  • EMI/RF/EMC Shielding Enclosure, EMV Abschirmzelt

    Shieldex® EMI/RF/EMC Shielding Enclosure

    Large enclosures can be used for testing sizable objects. With the Shieldex® EMC shielded Enclosure, every room becomes a measurement laboratory.

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  • EMC/RF/EMI Testing Table Top - Elektromagnetische Abschirmung von Räumen

    Shieldex® EMC/RF/EMI Testing Table Top

    Whether large or small, we can configure the right enclosure for you. Our small Table Tops are suitable for precision measurement of small ETUs.

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  • Shieldex Abschirmvorhang zur Abschirmung von Lagerhallen in grau mit Ösen

    Shieldex® EMI/RF/EMC Shielding Curtains

    The use of RFID in warehouse management guarantees an increase in efficiency by minimizing errors and thus a significant reduction in costs.

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  • Shieldex Abschirmtaschen für Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone

    Shieldex® Faraday Pouch

    Shieldex® shielding bags are innovative solutions for protecting electronic devices that offer high shielding performance up to 80 dB in the frequency range 0.9 to 3.8 GHz.

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Experts in metallizing textiles. Since 1978.

Over 45 years of experience

Premium service provider for 45 years

We are proud that our customers have trusted us for many years and rely on our high-quality products and solutions. We have developed this basis of trust over 5 years and can therefore present ourselves as an experienced provider of EMC solutions and premium products.

Excellent performance

Our EMC solutions offer reliable and excellent performance to ensure the electromagnetic compatibility of electronic devices and systems - as a standard product or tailored to your requirements.

Quality made in Germany

Shieldex is a manufacturer of premium textiles, which we use in our EMC shielding tents. Through our own production of the shielding materials and the quality assurance that takes place in-house, we can ensure that our customers always receive products of the highest quality. Our management system has been ISO 9001 certified since 2002. In addition, we do not use harmful nanosilver in our products.

We adapt to individual needs

We understand that every customer is unique and has different requirements for their product. Therefore, we work closely with our customers to develop tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. We attach great importance to offering our customers a high level of flexibility and personalization to ensure they receive the best possible solution.

Long-term partnership for the highest quality

Thanks to our flexibility and innovative strength, we are able to develop unique solutions that go beyond ours competitors can offer. Through the international partnership with one of the leading shielding solutions companies in the USA (VTT), we can combine our know-how and offer our customers world-class solutions worldwide. We are convinced that this collaboration will enable us to further improve our innovative solutions and expand our position as a leading provider of EMC solutions and premium products.

Individuelle Abschirmlösungen für Elektromagnetische Abschirmung

Individual EMC testing solutions

Regardless of the size of the equipment under test (EUT) we can configure the right EMC Enclosure for you. Our small Table Tops are ideal for precise measurements on smaller EUTs, while larger enclosure can be used for large EUTs. Thanks to the Shieldex® EMC Shielded Enclosure, field tests can be carried out under laboratory conditions.

About the possible customizations

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Discover the difference with Shieldex. Our commitment to quality service sets us apart from the competition. We take the time to listen and advise you to understand your unique challenges and develop an individual solution together.

Our know-how lies in our own Shieldex material, which we have manufactured and developed over 45 years of experience. When you choose Shieldex, you are not just buying a Faraday cage, but a long-term partner who will be by your side every step of the way. Experience the best in EMC shielding tents with Shieldex.