Reverberation chamber method

Shieldex is currently working on the development of Reverberation Chamber Enclosures, a product specifically designed for the effective testing of electronic devices in an electromagnetic field.

Reverberation Chambers use a Mode Stirred Chamber or Cavity Resonator to create an inhomogeneous electromagnetic field, resulting in maximum reflection and a uniform electromagnetic field for the test EUT. With a rotating stirrer, Shieldex's Reverberation Chamber Enclosures ensure that the electromagnetic field is stirred and homogeneous throughout the chamber, providing a reliable and efficient solution for companies and organizations looking to test the performance of their electronic devices in an electromagnetic environment.

The development of Shieldex's Reverberation Chamber Enclosures is a collaborative effort between the company and its customers. This approach allows the company to tailor its solution to the specific needs and requirements of each customer, ensuring that the resulting product is a perfect fit for their testing requirements. Whether you are in the aerospace, defense, automotive, or consumer electronics industry, Shieldex's Reverberation Chamber Enclosures provide an efficient, effective, and customizable solution for your electromagnetic testing needs. With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, Shieldex is committed to delivering the best possible solution for its clients.

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